July 6, 2020

Blood Pressure Machines/BP monitors

One of the most crucial aspect of your health is the blood pressure, a flaw in which can contribute to a number of health concerns such as coronary heart disease, stroke and more. This is why, having a Blood Pressure Monitor, can help you in keeping a check on your BP, and assist in curbing a lot of potential illnesses.

Benefits of BP Monitor:

To check if the BP medicines are effective or no
Reduces the number of visits to clinics
Cost benefits, due to reduced travel and doctor checkup charges
Usually, BP monitors are affordable, with many costing less than Rs. 2000. However, while choosing a monitor do keep these points in mind:

The Model
BP monitors have two major types. One that can be worn on your wrist and the other on the arm. Do note, that the monitors worn on the wrist are less accurate compared to the ones worn on the arm.

The Types
Generally there are two basic types of monitors – Aneroid and Digital.

With Aneroid you can measure your BP manually, they are affordable, but can be easily damaged.

Digital monitors show the results on small screens. They are user-friendly and can be followed easily.

We do a lot of research before recommending any product. You can learn more about our research process, read our reviews and go through our “buying guides” to have fair knowledge about the products before buying them.

First on our list is the Omron HEM 7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. Omron is a Japanese the world leader in developing portable healthcare equipment. Built with the Intellisense Technology, the HEM 7120 promises highest accuracy for all of its measurements.

Automatic in its operation, this monitor has the capability to detect even the slightest changes in the patient’s blood pressure. Thanks to its single touch operation, one can easily turn it on or off with a single button. And the large LCD screen gives a big output reading so that the patient can read out the result without much hassle.

This screen is not just big, it is also bright thanks to the backlight available inside it which enables the user to read out the readings at night and in the dark too. The sides and the bottom of the device are padded with rubber so that it does not slip out of your arms while you are measuring the blood pressure.

Light in weight, this device is durable, compact and incredibly portable. Hence you can store this device in any bag so you can carry it around with you at all times.

Coming to the accuracy of the device, it is accurate to about 40 mmHG. The oscillometric utilized in this device employs the use of the aforementioned highly advanced intellisense technology. This could accurately measure even the slightest changes in the blood pressure of the individual when measured.

The arm cuff circumference for this device ranges from 22 to 32 cm. This range is more than enough for anyone to be able to fit their wrist inside for a measurement. I.e, small to medium sized wrists. If your arm is bigger you can even opt for a bigger cuff of circumference range from 22 to 42 cm.

The omron HEM 7120 has could be connected to a smart phone very comfortably. This will not only help you with your measurement and review but also to monitor your overall vitals and progress. The device is equipped to monitor irregularities in the patient’s heartbeat. Thus thisis a big boon for heart patients. A small carry case that comes with the device makes carrying this around very easily.

Minimally error free in operation., the Omron HEM 7120 Comes with a whooping of 5 years manufacturer’s warranty along with a lifetime support for the product.

Things we liked about the product:

Intellisense Technology
Cuff Wrapping Guide Lamp
Good Battery Life
Could be connected and monitored via a smartphone
Hypertension detection
Body Movement detection
Smartphone connectivity
5 years extended battery life.
BP Level indicator
Single touch operation
Lifetime support

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