August 3, 2020

Body Massagers

With people living an express lifestyle, there is little opportunity to kick back and properly relax. People are usually unable to take good care of their health and body, and engage in reckless habits and an unhealthy living. This often leads to pains on the various joints of the body, usually the ankles, knees, and back. In such situations, manufacturers have devised a way to help people with such pains, using portable body massage devices.

Essentially, these body massagers make use of vibrational massage techniques, which have proven to be one of the best techniques to relax the body. It helps the blood flow and eases the tension in the muscles of the body, thus creating a sense of easy and comfort. Such vibration can also be used to reduce inflammation and pain in a given area. Also, vibrational massage causes a person to feel fresh and invigorated, as it tends to stimulate the flow of blood. The concept of the “relaxation response” is where the heart rate lowers, breathing is slower, and muscles are able to completely relax. This is the state massage tries to induce.

The basic principle of a Body Massager is that it uses electricity to manipulate a part of the machine to vibrate at a given frequency, ideally providing a constant yet relaxing sensation to whichever body part it is used on. The vibration causes the same effect as a vibration massage done by a masseuse, just that it lacks the human aspect. Some of these machines need to plugged into a household plug point while others are able to run on batteries. These are perfect for people who need a quick fix of relaxation in their tiring lives.

There are various types of body massagers, each serving a unique and specific purpose. There are machines designed specifically to massage a certain part of the body. For example, there are machines used only for neck massages or others made for knee massages and using them in other areas might not yield the desired results. Specific models’ massage at a specific rate and are able to get rid of certain pains, and these must be looked into before the purchase of one such device.

The body massager is an essential buy for any person who has any sort of body ache, as letting it aggravate might cause further damage. For any clarifications about which massager to purchase, kindly refer to our “buyer’s guide!“. It will surely help you chose the ideal body massager for you.

Also we have listed and reviewed some of the best body massagers that you can buy online right now. Check it out!

Among our best product list, body massager from the brand Dr. Physio has taken the first place. And it totally deserves this place because of several satisfying features and excellent functionality.

Be it discomfort/pain in your arms, shoulders, thigh or even foot, this is a perfect handy tool to get relief from them. This massager comes with 3 different massaging heads that include…

Rolling head – perfect for getting a deep massaging tissue.
Scraping head – as the name suggests, provides scraping effect. So, it is very helpful in removing dead skin cells.
Wavy head – gets rid of muscle fatigue with a soft and pleasant feeling.
These massaging heads can be interchanges without any hassle. As per some experts and users, massaging regularly with this device has also shown promising weight reduction results. Well, if you don’t like to sweat out or cut down food intake then this can be pretty good option.

Apart from weight, it is also acts as head massager – by simply removing the proactive cover and rotating it anti-clockwise. This helps in preventing hair damage and improves blood circulation in the scalp. This body massager helps in dealing with other issues like stress, insomnia, sports injuries, myofascial pain and others.

The ergonomically designed strong motor makes easy to take it anywhere you want. There is an option to adjust the time as per the users convenient and comfort. Proactive fabric coverage is very easy to unzip during the cleaning process and is possible to replace old with new cover.

Besides all these wonderful features and functionalities, the product is backed with 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. You’ll get a digital thermometer absolutely free with this device.

Quick Tip: Never keep the massager open (or without coverage) when not in use, as it get damages very easily.


Fully electric body massager.
Backed with 1-year warranty.
Offers free digital thermometer.
Comes with a lightweight motor.
Portable and ergonomic design body massager.
Operates at voltage – 230V and frequency – 50Hz.
Helps to reduce fat- thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach.
Can massage on neck, waist, arms, shoulders, back, legs, foot.

Comes with a short handle.
Small power cord of length 1.5meter.
Vibrations may occur while massaging which is not suitable for few. We recommend checking out with doctor if you are experiencing any discomfort.
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  1. Lifelong LLM27 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

Next from our list is handheld body massager presented by Lifelong brand which is known for superior performance, unmatchable design and excellent quality products. Among their varied product list, we will discuss about LLM27 which is renowned in the market for its compactness, portability and high efficiency.

Though it is small, this body massager is good enough to provide deep massage for your whole body. This electric body massager features 3 changeable massage heads that produce different massage effects at different speed settings to give you a spa-like experience at your home.

The intense massaging action of the massager helps to relieve pain and soreness of muscles, relax the body, reduce fat and tone the thighs, hips, stomach, buttocks and chest. The vibration of the massager increases the temperature in the muscle tissues which ultimately increases blood flow resulting in relaxation.

Apart from that, it also helps to trim down some fat on buttocks, stomach, thighs, and chest. And moreover, it also helps to keep the skin firm and prevents sagging.

The compact design of the massager allows the user to carry it along while travelling. The only downside of this massager is that despite being a hand-held device, it is bit on the heavier side which makes it difficult to use for a prolonged period of time. This body massager comes with 1 year replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects.

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