June 5, 2020

Floor Cleaning Mops for Home

Mopping is the most tedious, messy and tiring household chores – which you cannot ignore to maintain your house clean and tidy.

But things have changed since few years – with Modern Cleaning Mop Equipment, you no longer have to hurt your hands, knees and back to mop your floors. This equipment contains an adjustable handle, a bucket and even a wringer that squeezes out the excess water for you, without you having to get your hands wet or dirty.

A majority of the branded cleaning mops available in the market today are specially designed to make mopping a quick, simple and hassle-free experience for you.

Though it is a simple piece of equipment, you have to consider certain factors to purchase the right one according to your requirements. We have mentioned them in our “BUYING GUIDE” for your reference.

Apart from that, this article also contains a list of best floor cleaning mops picked up by our experts. They are carefully picked after a lot of research and testing.

Foremost product in our list is Spotzero by the brand Milton – which is well-known in the market for manufacturing high quality products. If you’re looking out to buy an economical and good quality mop for cleaning your place, then this could be a good purchase.

This multipurpose mop is both useful as well as environment friendly in nature. Its unique microfiber cleaning technology makes it highly durable and long-lasting. With superior water absorbency and non-abrasive lint free fibers, this Elite Spin Mop works well on large surface areas, for the purpose of dry and wet cleaning.

An oval shaped bucket with drainage is provided along with the mop. It is light in weight, easy to use and carry around the house while cleaning. The extendable mop handle is equipped with separate cleaning and wringing operations. It also has a free 360 degrees’ movement in all directions.

The side bucket handle is convenient to slide the bucket across the floors on wheels. The wheels are large and sturdy enough to move smoothly even on uneven surfaces. This mop can be used to clean dust, oil, liquids or even hair from the floors.

Things We Liked:

Relatively economical
Unique microfiber cleaning technology
Durable & non-abrasive with superior water absorbency
Multifunctional – dry & wet surfaces
Oval bucket with drainage & side handle
Light in weight, easy to move around on sturdy wheels
Extendable handle with 360 degrees’ movement
Separate cleaning & wringing operations
Things We Didn’t Like:

The plastic used for wheels should have been a bit better in quality
Mop working mechanism needs some effort and pressure.
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