August 3, 2020

Geysers in India

Water heaters are one of the must-have appliances in today’s era. Irrespective of the weather conditions and location, water heaters have become a necessary part of our daily life. The constant pressure of maintaining hygiene has led to investment in geysers for hot and sterilized water.

Geysers are mainly needed in the winter season in India or when you feel the need for a nice hot shower to get refreshed. Whether it is for a shower that you wish to have one or for the daily routine of washing clothes, utensils and vegetables, water heaters have evolved enough to provide for every purpose.

Water heaters/ geysers are simple devices that convert electrical energy into heat energy with the help of a heating element in the appliance to provide you with hot water. With advanced technologies and features, modern water heaters have learned to withstand problems such as high water pressure, corrosion and saving energy. With variable sizes, designs and shapes available in the market, it is a matter of choice as to what kind, purpose and price you wish to look at.

Now, investing in the right water heater is important in order to make the most of it. Some might find it daunting to purchase a water heater without burning a hole in the pocket. Fret not, this comprehensive list brings you the best geysers/water heaters available in India to help you with making a choice. Still confused with deciding the right kind? We present you with a solution for that too. Scroll through our “Water Heater Buying Guide” to get an inside out information about choosing the right geyser for your home.

Quick Note: Make sure to check the water (if it is soft or hard) beforehand. If the water supply is hard (contains more salts), then ensure the geyser you purchase comes with the corrosion-resistant tank. Or else you can install a water softener to convert hard water into soft. Because hard water affects the heating element and diminishes the life of geyser.

The leading U.S water heater company has taken the Indian market by storm with this stylish and compact 15 litre water heater. AO Smith is known for its innovative technologies that improve the longevity of the appliance. Available in two models (15 and 25 litre); this water heater comes with 5 star BEE rating ensuring its superior quality and efficiency towards energy savings. The water heater is best suitable for Indian water conditions as the municipal water supply in most areas is hard water. And this is it is our top pick on this list.

Its innovative Blue Diamond Glass line technology makes the inner tank stronger and corrosive resistant. The anode rod with a stainless steel core works towards extending the shelf life of the tank by protecting it from corrosion by hard water. The patented glass coated heating element prevents limescale buildup in the tank and ensures a longer life for the product.
The chic design of the water heater carries a temperature control knob on the front panel. The control knob allows you to adjust the temperature (25-75℃) at which you like the water to get heated. Auto thermal cut-out works wonderfully if and when the water exceeds the highest pre-set temperature. The thermal cut-out shuts off the power supply when the water temperature exceeds. Similarly, a safety valve keeps the water pressure in check by automatically relieving water when the pressure shoots up a preset limit.

Notable Features:

15 litre storage tank
Blue Diamond Glass line technology
Temperature control ( 25-75℃)
Auto thermal cutout
BEE 5 star rating

This small and compact water heater works wonderfully with excellent safety features that allow children to handle it freely. The innovative anti-corrosion technology ensures low maintenance. It is best suited for our hard water supply. It comes with an impressive warranty package but the after sales service is not good. Apart from this small glitch, the water heater scores high amongst its counterparts. Once heated, the water temperature is maintained for up to 12 hours. Easy handling, quick heating feature and hassle free maintenance.

What We Liked:

Comes with a 7-year warranty for the inner tank
4-year extended warranty on the glass coated heating element
Energy efficient (BEE 5 star)
Customizable temperature setting and thermal cutout
15 litre storage capacity
Low maintenance
Super silent
What We Didn’t Like:

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