August 3, 2020

Rocking Chairs

Everybody loves to sit on a rocking chair irrespective of how old they are. At one point or the other, we all loved sitting on our grandparents rocking chair as a child. A rocking chair gives you a sense of relaxation and comfort that is similar to falling asleep on a playground swing.

Studies from the University of Rochester even confirmed this. It also says that rocking chairs have the ability to generate a sense of calmness that improves the overall psychological well-being of dementia and alzheimer’s patients. Also, people who relax on a rocking chair are reported to burn about 72 calories per hour sessions because of the angular movement of their body.

Traditional rocking chairs are wooden whereas modern rocking chairs are different. They are plastic, metal, fabric, wicker and even leather made rocking chairs. But not all chairs of such material are of good quality.

A good rocking chair is durable, strong, cheap and lasts very long. Furthermore, it provides a great sense of relaxation to the user who rocks on it. But how do you find such a perfect, strong, long lasting rocking chair? What are the factors involved in deciding the quality of a rocking chair?

Today, we will explore that and many other related aspects of a rocking chair. In doing so, we will review different types of rocking chairs available online and list the best of them. Also, we have included a comprehensive “buying guide” to help you pick the best rocking chair. It is available at the end of the article. Be sure to check it out.

This is a classic wooden rocking chair that has a durable build and elegant design.

Made from premium quality Sheesham wood, the chair comes with comfortable arm rest and back support.

The dimensions of the chair are 40 x 25 x 41 cm and it can easily fit a standard adult person.

The versatile design of the chair will suit the decor of your living room, study and balcony.


Quality wooden material
Comes with armrest and backrest
Preassembled furniture

Makes some cracking noise while rocking
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  1. Royal Oak Trinity Rocking Chair

This is a comfortable and cosy rocking chair and ottoman set that comes with soft cushioning.

rocking chair

The frame of the chair is made using quality birch wood which makes it extremely strong and durable.

The dimensions of the chair are 80 x 67 x 100 cm and can comfortably accommodate an adult person.

The product comes with 30 days warranty on manufacturing defects only.


Made from quality birch wood
Comfortable cushions
Rocking chair and ottoman set

Not preassembled
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  1. Surprise Interiors Cushioned Back & Seat, Teak Wood Rocking Chair

This is an elegant and stylish wooden rocking chair that comes with sponge cushion and red polyester upholstery.

The rocking chair is hand crafted using pure teak wood and comes with comfortable armrest and leg rest for relaxed seating.

The elegant design of the rocking chair suits the decor of your living room, bedroom and study.

The dimensions of the chair are 38 x 32 x 29 cm and maximum load bearing capacity is 120 kgs.

The wooden frame of the chair comes with 2 years warranty.


Hand crafted rocking chair
Made from pure teak wood
Comfortable sponge cushion with polyester upholstery
Fully assembled product


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  1. Shilpi Aamazing Hand Carved Rocking Chair

This is yet another wooden rocking chair that has a classic design and a solid build.

The rocking chair is hand crafted from pure Sheesham wood which makes it exceptionally durable and strong.

The chair features comfortable back support, arm rest and leg rest which allow you to maintain a relaxed posture while sitting.

The dimensions of the chair are 24 x 24 x 45 inches and it can support an adult person.


Made from pure Sheesham wood
Hand crafted and polished
Comfortable arm and leg rest
Preassembled product

Mediocre finishing
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  1. GrayWood Solid Sheesham Wood Rocking Chair With Cushions

This is a stylish and sleek wooden rocking chair that comes with comfy cushions.

The frame of the rocking chair is made from Sheesham wood which makes it strong and durable.

The dimensions of the chair are Length 25 inches x Depth 40 inches which allow comfortable seating.

The funky design of the chair goes well with contemporary decor.

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