August 3, 2020

Room Heaters

Chilling winter months are harsh and especially in the Northern parts of India. If you live in around Delhi or Chandigarh you will know the struggle gets really hard when the temperature falls below 10 degree and sometimes below 5 degrees.

When other people enjoys winter as the season of romance you can’t choose anything other than staying in homes all covered with warm clothes and blankets. The real problem arises when the temperature falls down further and the blankets can no more keep you warm and comfortable. Room heaters then come as a lifesaving solution for you during on those cold chilly nights.

These budget-friendly devices convert power into heat and save electricity bills than centralized heating systems. The small electrical appliance are enough powerful to heat a 200 sq feet room and gives utmost comfort and care in the cold freezing weather conditions.

Choosing a room heater may seem easy as the job is only to heat the room but there is few safety factors related to it and that is why you should never fall into the marketing gimmicks (like offers, discounts, etc.).

It’s important to consider several factors – room heater type, room size, heating element, power consumption, noise levels, and safety features like protective handle grip, auto on/off, and heat settings. For more detailed information refer our “Best Room Heaters Buying Guide“.
To make the things easy for you, we’ve done a bit research on room heaters for a couple of days and listed the Top 10 Best Room Heaters in India 2019 that’s in great demand now. Have a look at the room heaters that best matches with your requirements.

One of the major problems with most room heaters is that they tend to leave cold sports. This happens for big rooms using small room heaters.

If you are looking for room heater that perfectly matches for small or medium sized rooms, then Orpat fan heater makes an ideal choice.

Orpat’s fan room heater comes in a non-sagging, cool touch body and very stylish design that attracts most of the consumers. For this reason, it has become one of the top priority in the list of best room heaters India.

This wonderful room heater comes with 2 heat settings-1000 watts and 2000 watts that can be adjusted using a tuner switch on the top as per the indoor requirement. If the outside weather is too cool switch to 2000 w mode and 1000 w in normal room conditions.

It also incorporates thermal cut-off feature to interrupt power supply when exceeds the specific temperature. You can reset the thermal settings manually or some comes with automatic option to ensures the room remains heated throughout the day and night.

To make the device work in small rooms, simply plug-in the power cord to the supply. It utilizes 15A of current to blowout the hotness in a room of size 250 sq.ft. The cool touch exterior design makes comfortable for the users to touch and conveniently stored in a safe place when not in use. Built-in handle helps to move freely from one location to another while operating.

It is a must have device especially in winter season as the heating element in this device ensures wide spreading so that you don’t need to sit close to the heater. The heater is available in white colour and do come with 1-year warranty.

Wrapping up, the performance of Orpat heater is too good. And there’re very good reviews and ratings for this product as it has excellent features to provide heat quickly. Besides, there’re few drawbacks like the fan produces lot of noise when working continuously for hours and its design is not capable of supporting heat for large rooms. Other than that, it’s totally a good one to buy.

If your main intention is to spread warmness in every corner of the room, then go with the Orpat Radiant Heater from the same brand which comes at very low prices, yet delivers outstanding performance that matches with the consumer requirements.

Amazing Features of Orpat Fan Heater

Thermal cut off feature.
Long life heating element.
Features a safety mesh grill.
1-year manufacturing warranty.
Non sagging and cool touch body.
2 heat setting knobs (1000 W & 2000 W).
Suitable for small and medium sized rooms.
Things we hate

Not ideal for large rooms.
Fan produces lot of noise.
Spread warmness in one direction.
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  1. Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000W Comforter

Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter
Next up on our list is from Havells. A pioneer in home appliances, Havells is known for their high quality fans, coolers and lighting solutions. This device is a 2000 watt comforter that has the capacity to control the temperature of a room that is about 150 square feet.

A 150 square feet of space is just about the size of a small to mid sized room. The powerful heating element inside the device produces heat which is then blown out to the room with the help of a blower fan.

Thanks to the portable handle present integrated to the device’s body, you can carry and place it anywhere you please it to be. This room heater will help you maintain a bearable temperature within your own bedroom and balance out the need to be suffocated with blankets.

There is a thermostat control knob using which you can control the kind of heat that is being dispersed into the room. The air vents too can be adjusted to direct the flow of the hot air to the destination of your liking.

It has a smooth finish and the outer body is coated with cool touch paint so that when the device is turned on and you touch it, you do not burn your skin.

In order to secure the device from any kind of overheating, the comforter comes with 2 overheat protections. In addition to these, they also have a cooling fan inside the device which will control the temperature of the appliance and prevents it from going overheat.

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