August 3, 2020

Step Ladder for Home

Balancing on chairs and stools is not a safe option when you have to access areas beyond your reach. Ladder is the safest option for reaching significant height to even farthest places like ceilings, roofs and others.

But storage is the main reason why most of the people prefer ladders. Now-a-days, manufacturers have come up with foldable and portable ladders which don’t take much storage space and can easily fit into any cabinet.

Though it is a simple equipment, it is very important to be wise while purchasing a ladder. Type of ladder, weight holding capacity, height, durability and several factors should be kept in mind while analyzing a ladder.

The first product on our list is from a brand Bathla which is quite famous for ladders. This product is a foldable aluminum ladder with a height of 173cm (5.7 ft.) It is the best ladder in India for its amazing functionality and has advanced features like rust proof, high-grade aluminum.

Bathla ladder comes with 4 steps that feature anti-skid PVC shoes unlike others, which prevents the ladder from skidding when someone climbs on it. The steps are made using non-skid rubber-like others, thus making it hassle-free, to use. It also has knee guard like other ladders, that offers extra protection to the knees when we climb on it.

If you want a ladder that is easy to carry when you travel, then this is for you since it is extremely lightweight and portable. It has a smart platform, unlike others, to enable good grip and balance while using it. It is the only ladder that comes with perfect edge guard to avoid any kinds of accidents that may happen with normal ladders.

Equipped with extra ribs that ensures firm grip along with foothold, and also better traction under any circumstances, unlike others. It also has an anti-skid shoe that ensures safe usage on wet and smooth surfaces.

As the ladder is sturdy and durable, we can use it every day without any hassle. It is a lightweight ladder that makes it easy to use and can be carried with ease when we use it indoors or outdoors.

5-years warranty is provided from the manufacturer. The only problem we noticed with this ladder is that it makes a lot of noise when using like most of the ladders in the list.

Overall we are extremely satisfied with the performance of the ladder, it is the best ladder available in India which has amazing functionality and features like it has rustproof, high-grade aluminum, smart platform, anti-skid PVC shoes, sure hinge technology.

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