August 3, 2020

Water Purifiers

Potable water holds the thread to a healthy life and a healthy world. With just 2.5% of fresh water source available on the Earth today, the concept of groundwater conservation and effects of global warming are being much talked about. The growing concern of the water table depletion has also given rise to global water safety and accessibility problems.

Sanitization of drinking water has been a major concern in India for the past decade. According to a recent survey, with many effluents, solid wastes, and chemicals entering our freshwater lakes and rivers, only about 0.3% of the surface water is considered safe to consume. It is now an absolute necessity to install an active cleansing system to get rid of the harmful toxins, heavy metals, and infectious agents from the drinking water.

The field of science and technology seems to have a solution for every natural problem that occurs on Earth. Water purifiers are a boon to mankind that eradicates the threat of consuming unfit water. Technologically advanced features of these purifiers help in preventing the spread of water-borne diseases, thus, providing a healthy lifestyle.

Water purifiers are portable, easy to install and easy to maintain making them an ideal household appliance. Once connected to the water supply unit, water purifiers undergo multiple steps in purifying the water to meet the quality standards set by the government. It is now possible to live life with a peace of mind knowing that your kids and family are consuming safe and clean water.

To make sure you buy a suitable water purifier for your daily needs, it is advised that you have a look at our comprehensive “buying guide” before you go for the purchase. Plus, we have listed the best water purifiers that you can buy online right now.

A trusted brand over 35 years, Eureka Forbes has been successful in making its way into every Indian household. With years of research and development to make potable water safe and reliable, Eureka Forbes presents Aquasure Smart Plus water purifier from Aquaguard.

One of their latest advancement in this sector, the Aquasure Smart Plus is powered by the universal UV+RO+MTDS technology which purifies water from different sources of supply such as borewells, tanks and taps. Working through six different stages of purification, the water purifier has the capability of providing 30 litres of clean and safe water every hour. And that’s why it is our top pick here!

Stage 1: Water undergoes the clarity cartridge filtration process where the I-filter removes larger suspended particles such as sand and dirt from water.

Stage 2: The chemi block filter captures excess chlorine, finer impurities, pesticides and foul odour before moving to the enhancing process in the next stage.

Stage 3: As mentioned, the water now passes through a membrane life enhancer that prevents the scaling of calcium and magnesium salts and enhances the life and quality of the RO membrane.

Stage 4: The RO filtration process reduces TDS; removes infectious biological agents such as bacteria, parasites and cysts along with the traces of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury.

Stage 5: The RO purified water now passes through the taste enhancer cartridge (post carbon filter) that polishes the water by removing organic residues and giving it a cleaner, sparkling look and taste.

Stage 6: The last step involves UV rays disinfecting the RO water.

The smart build and superior design of the purifier make it a compact appliance that can be easily installed in any corner of the kitchen. However, the Aquasure Smart Plus comes with a large 6-litre capacity tank which gets replenished within 15 minutes once the tank is emptied. The purifier also comes with a 6000 litres smart cartridge that gives a year long carefree protection.

Smart LED indicators represent purification process, water pressure and water supply using different colours. The Smart Plus water purifier comes with an auto off feature that helps in switching off the power when the tank has reached its capacity, thus, saving energy.

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