August 3, 2020

Wireless / Vedio Doorbells

A doorbell is an integral part of every household. It hearkens the arrival of any visitor to the house, allowing us the properly receive the guest into our house. There has been little innovation in the field of electronic bells, as the mechanism is relatively simple and straightforward, not requiring any major changes. But recently there has been the innovation of the wireless bell, which doesn’t require any wires to be installed.

They consist of a portable ringer, which could either be battery powered or have to be plugged into a socket in the house. Basically, a wireless bell is a frequency device, wherein when the button on the exterior of the house is pressed, it transmits a signal to the receiver that rings in order to alert the consumer of the presence of a guest. The more advanced and expensive bells include smart features such as motion sensors, lights, infrared vision and even video cameras. These can be paired to smartphones and tablets in order to know who is at the door

When purchasing a wireless bell, certain things have to be kept in mind. The first of these is the range of the bell. If one has a large house, the transmitter must have a large range and the house must be equipped with more than one receiver so as to allow the bell to be heard throughout the house. The volume and tone also must be to the taste and preference of the consumer. According to the users needs, he/she can install specific features like motion sensing or lighting. An intercom system is also something users consider, as it allows an additional level of security. The colour, model, design and look should be selected by the user and final but very important is the warranty that the manufacturer provides.

The maintenance of such bells is simple as the only component to be taken care of is the exterior button transmitter. A rainproof exterior is advised, but most of these bells ae rather hardy and are able to withstand most normal weather conditions.

Though this buy isn’t essential, but it tends to make life much more comfortable and removes the hassles of wired bells. For any clarifications about which wireless bell to purchase, kindly refer to our “buyer’s guide“. It will surely help you chose the ideal bell for you, making life more comfortable and simple. Also we have a top 7 wireless doorbells list that can help you find your suitable doorbell right now!

An industry leader in major security and home appliances, Panasonic’s Wireless Video Intercom system has been a benchmark for many brands in the wireless doorbells and security systems domain.

Wireless in operation, the device comes in 3 different parts and promises high safety thanks to its easy integration into your home. The first of the 3 parts is the outdoor unit, the indoor LCD screen unit and another portable unit. The portable handheld unit can be expanded to 4 nos depending on the size of your home and requirements.


The 2.4 Ghz wireless system is capable of working perfectly fine even in large houses too. When a visitor rings the bell, the outdoor unit signals the indoor units (portable and the stationary one too). You can view the visitor on the LCD screen (5.2 inches main monitor and the 1.8 inches handset) on both the handlers as well as listen to their voice too without having to rush to the door .

This device also has the ability to capture the images of the visitors face upto 8 pictures and also the video too. There is also a night vision enabler on this device which makes sure you can see the visitor even while it is out pitch dark.

The only problem that exists with the device is that you can either use the main screen or the handheld device at one time but not both at the same time to respond. Apart from that, the device even comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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